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    We live in the digital era, and digital photography is one of the most requested services by people of all ages, gender and races.  Photography can be a funfilled career move.  The days of 35mm film and the old family photographer are almost gone.  Nowadays, even local photographers have developed a simple kind of celebrity status, especially if they are good at capturing people.  Yet, with the advancement of the digital era, software & photoshop, it doesn't make one a photograper.  Photography means to 'write with light'.  We will teach you how to understand the art and to get those great results.  Our workshop covers all the areas of photography. We offer hands on training, both in the studio and on location.  We gaurantee you that we can teach you to get professional results. Please review the information and take part in one of our upcoming photography workshops.

     Roche' Buford launched his career as a Private Detective in 1989. Specializing in a long line of investigative services such as missing persons, background, criminal and civil Investigation, Roche' has rendered services to both state and federal governments.  Between cases he found a joy in photographing people with high tech photography equipment.  This joy led to photography training through the New York Institute of Photography.  Today, Roche' has become known as Milwaukee's most requested photographer.  He has earned the title by providing incomparable services in portraits, fashion, commercial, wedding, and fine art photography.  

     Roche' continues to be highly requested by individuals, corporations, magazines and organizations.  He believes that the world revolves around photography.  And because of such an accessible medium, we all get the opportunity to contribute to history in a visual way.

For a more personal lesson in photography, Roche' offers one on one training to aspiring photographers. It is within these sessions that the tricks of the trade are revealed. However, this training does not come cheap, as Roche' photography style is one of Milwaukee's most requested.  At $125 per hour with a two hour minimum, you could very well earn a unique status of success in the photography industry.  To book Roche' for this private session, email us at studioonephotoart@gmail.com

March Workshop Schedule
MARCH 10th   1:00 -2:30 pm
MARCH 17th   1:00 - 2:30 pm
MARCH 24th    1:00 -2:30 pm
MARCH 31st    1:00 - 2:30 pm
Project One Studios 2402 W. Lisbon Ave
Book your photography training session here.  You can book a single session or two at a time.  However, it may be best to book the four consecutive workshops for only $100.