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Do you want to do a fun and creative, but yet unique photo shoot.
Bring your ideas and we will bring them to life in a way that fits your personality.
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Senior Portraits
These tips are not geared toward any specific area of photography.  However, they are guaranteed to be helpful irrespect of the specialty area. 

When preparing to go on your next photography venture, take the time to plan your shoot. 1) Choose a theme  (subject)! Never go
out without a plan.  Take the time to know what you want to shoot and know how you want to shoot it. Sketch out the final image in your mind.
It is never a bad idea to sketch it out on paper either.  The biggest mistake that many amateur photographers make is that they never
have a plan of action to get professional results.
Once you have chosen your theme, decide how you are going to 2) focus attention to your theme.  What are you going to do to draw
the eye of the viewer into your image? Then finally, 3) simplify.  Make sure your images are simple and easy on the eyes of the viewer.
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